Top Ten Tuesday | Opening Lines

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish but is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s prompt is *Opening Lines!* These are some of my favorite first lines that drew me in immediately.

“I’d never given much thought to how I would die — though I’d had reason enough in the last few months — but even if I had, I would not have imagined it like this.” -Stephenie Meyer, Twilight

“There is something truly evil about plaid.” -Katie Henry, Heretics Anonynous

“All the best things in my life have started with a Dolly Parton song.” -Julie Murphy, Dumplin’

“I didn’t choose the wench life. The wench life chose me.” -Jen DeLuca, Well Met

“No one speaks of the grace year. It’s forbidden.” -Kim Liggett, The Grace Year

“There is blood under my fingernails. I wonder how many of my people I’ve killed this time.” -Brigid Kemmerer, A Curse So Dark and Lonely

“A boy went missing the night of the storm.” -Shea Ernshaw, Winterwood

“So here’s the file that almost killed me, Director.” Jay Kristoff & Amie Kaufman, Illuminae

“We were all villains in the beginning.” -Marissa Meyer, Renegades

“I’m on the toilet at the 9:30 Club, and I’m wondering how mermaids pee.” -Becky Albertalli, The Upside of Unrequited

The last one is my absolute favorite! 🤣

What is your favorite opening line??

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Top Ten Tuesday | Books I’m Avoiding

Hi everyone!

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish but is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

The topic for this week is *books on my TBR I’m avoiding reading & why.*

A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir

I have been avoiding this for over a year. I absolutely loved An Ember in the Ashes. It was an incredible book, but it took a lot of time & focus for me to get through it. I’m sure this book will be the same way so I just keep putting it off. I definitely need to reread book one before I continue with the series. Anyone want to do a buddy read??

Hunted by Meagan Spooner

The reason for this one may be a little silly. So I’m sure you know that Hunted is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, right? Well not too long ago I read A Curse So Dark and Lonely which is also a Beauty and the Beast retelling and I completely fell in love with it. So now I can’t get myself to read Hunted because I don’t know if it will live up the awesomeness that is A Curse. This reason is dumb, I know.

Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

I’m so intimidated, that’s all.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

I’ve heard SO many mixed reviews on this. Some people say it’s the best book they have ever read, while other people say it is unbelievably boring. So because of this I’ve just avoided it all together. One day I will read it….hopefully!

Obviously, that’s not ten but these four are the only ones that come to my mind!

What are some books that you are avoiding??

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Top Ten Tuesday: Cover Redesigns

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish but is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl!

This week the prompt is *cover changes that I love/hate*

For one reason or another, book covers get changed all the time. Some of them are a needed change, while others not so much…

The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo

When I saw that this was the topic for the week, these books were the first that came to my mind. Yes, the new covers are pretty & they fit the story a little bit better, but I still think that the original ones are perfect in every way!

An Ember in the Ashes by Sabba Tahir

I know some people don’t really like the cover change for this one. I think the new cover is gorgeous! I love that Laia and Elias are on the cover….yess for representation! I will say that I didn’t like the fact that it was only available in paperback, but now that it is being released in hardcover so I can’t even complain anymore!

The Diviners by Libba Bray

Can we all agree on this one?? I mean obviously the original cover is better, right?? I will never understand why this change was made!

Prince Charming by Rachel Hawkins

Not only did this get a new cover, it got a new title as well! I have to admit the original cover is ugly. It’s too plain and it doesn’t represent the story at all. The new cover though….heart eyes for days!

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

I may just be the only person who likes the hardcover better for this one. Don’t get me wrong, I like that SImon and Baz are on the paperback, but I really like the other one better.  This answer could change once I actually read the book though soooo check back later.

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

Okay so a little different one. This is the Owlcrate edition vs the original. I actually love both of these. It’s so cool that they were able to completely change the cover. I do think their edition fits the story better though.

That’s all for now! I definitely have more I can add so I will have to do a part two soon.

Tell me one of your favorite cover changes in the comments!

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Top Ten Tuesday | Anticipated Releases

Hi everyone!

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish but is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl!

This week’s topic is to share your most anticpaited releases for the rest 2019. There are SO many books I am looking forward to in the second half of the year. My list is literally a mile long, but to save time, here are the 10 that I am most excited about!

House of Salt and Sorrows by Erin A. Craig
Release date: August 6

This book follows Annaleigh who’s had four sisters die, each death more tragic than the last. There are whispers that her family is cursed by the gods. After seeing disturbing ghostly visions, Annaleigh believes the deaths weren’t an accident. She goes on a mission to uncover truth…

I recently talked about this book in my Goodreads TBR post. My excitement for it has only grown!

The Last Hope by Krista & Becca Ritchie
Release Date: August 13

This is the sequel to The Raging Ones, which is a book that Iabsolutely LOVED!. It doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. The first book is set in a world where everyone knows the day that they are going to die. No one lives past that day, except Court, Mykal and Franny did.. .

I’m looking forward to seeing these characters again. Their connection is so special and I’m curious to see how/if things change for them.

The Girl the Sea Gave Back by Adrienne Young
Release date: September 3

This is a companion to Sky in the Deep. It’s set ten years after the events of SKY.

Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin
Release date: September 3

A wicked stunt forces a witch and a witch hunter into marriage…

First off, the cover is gorgeous! I’m loving all the snake covers lately. This book intrigues me so much,! I cant even tell you how many times I have tried to get an ARC of this…turns out I have the worst luck in the word. Whomp Whomp.

Five Dark Fates by Kendare Blake
Release date: September 3

The fourth and final book in the Three Dark Crowns series. In book one we follow three sisters who have to fight each other to the death to win the throne…

I am so sad this series is ending but I cannot wait to see how things wrap up.

The Bone Houses by Emily Lloyd-Jones
Release date: September 24

Ryn and her siblings work as gravediggers in a village which sits on a mountain range that was once home to the fae. The problem with being a gravedigger is that the dead doesn’t always stay dead. Risen corpses are known as “bone houses” & legends say they are the result of an old curse. When Ellias, an apprentice mapmaker with a mysterious past comes to town, the bone houses attack. Together Ryn & Ellias go on a journey to face the curse & truths about themselves.

The cover for this book is STUNNING! October is a while away, but I already know this will for sure be on my TBR. The synopsis sounds like the perfect fall read!

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo
Release date: October 1

This is the first book in a new adult trilogy. I know very little about Ninth House & that’s kind of how I want to keep it for now. Leigh Bardugo is my favorite and I fully trust her skills so I’m sure we are all in for something great! October needs to get here ASAP!

The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black
Release date: November 19

Who else is over the moon excited that the release date was moved up???

The ending of The Wicked King was bananas & I’m dying to know what is going to happen in book 3!

Winterwood by Shea Ernshaw
Release date: November 5

Rumored to be a witch, Nora has a special connection to the woods. It is that connection that led her to Oliver—the boy who went missing during the worst snowstorm n years. He should be dead, but here he is alive, left with no memory of the time he’d been missing. Nora now feels an unusual shift in the woods and she has no choice but to uncover the truth on how Oliver is alive. Little does she know that Oliver has secrets of his own. He wasn’t the only one to go missing that night…

This is hands down my most anticipated release for the rest of the year! The Wicked Deep was one of my favorite books of 2018. Shea Ernshaw’s writing is unbelievably beautiful and so atmospheric. I am dying to get my hands on a copy of this book!

Sarsight by Brandon Sanderson
Release date: November 26

This is the second book in the Skyward series. I had never read anything by Sanderson until I picked up Skyward. I can totally see why so many people praise his writing. The first book was nonstop action scenes & I loved it so much! I cannot wait to see where Spensa’s story is going to go!

And there you have it! What books are you excited about??

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