Hi friends!

I just wanted to make a quick post to say that I will be taking a break from this blog. I am not completely sure when or if I will come back.

This may not come as a shock to you though. You might have noticed that I have been pretty absent for the last few months. I’ve been sharing a few reviews here and there, but that’s pretty much it. In all honesty, 2020 really messed with my motivation & creativity when it came to making content for this blog. As much as I wanted to create, it just wasn’t happening. So in September, I decided to take a huge step back, hoping that it would help and I’d get back to posting soon. That didn’t happen though. In fact, it actually had the opposite effect on me. In the last six months I have realized that my heart just isn’t into blogging at this point. So it is time to go on a hiatus.

My time here has been nothing but wonderful. I have made friends and I have found some awesome books because of you all. Thank you for letting me be apart of the book blogging community!

Let’s stay in touch! You can find me over on Instagram at thelibrarylane.

Happy reading,
Sadie 💕

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