What I’ve Been Doing During Social Distancing

COVID-19 has really made 2020 the absolute worst. Times are weird and we are all stuck in our homes! Here’s a few things that I have been doing to keep myself occupied!

Before I start the list, I want o say a HUGE thank you to all the medical professionals & other essential workers who are on the frontline. You are all incrediblely brave and we are so grateful for you. ❤️

Puzzles: Since this whole pandemic thing started, all I have been wanting to do is puzzles. I don’t really know why because I am terrible at them. I get so frustrated that I can’t find the right pieces. I am getting better though. So far I have completed three puzzles and I have ordered two more!

Drawing: I have decided to teach myself how to draw! I bought an Apple Pencil & Procreate and I have been watching a TON of tutorials. I‘m literally starting with zero artistic abilities so this will take a while to be *good!* Here’s what I’ve done so far…

Cut my hair: Like so many other people, I got the itch to cut my hair. I mean, I’m not going anywhere for a while so I wanted something a little different. My goal was to get curtain bangs, but ummm they definitely didn’t turn out that way. Let’s just say I am going to be pinning them up until they grow out.

Downloaded TikTok: I always told myself that I was never going to get this app. I knew that if I did, I’d spend way too much time on it. With everything going on in the world though, I really needed something to make me laugh and TikTok definitely does that! Yes, there have been many nights when I watch videos until 3 AM and those are the best nights!

Going for drives: Even when we aren’t in quarantine, one of my favorite things to do is ride around in the car with the windows down & the music up. It’s so relaxing to me and it’s a great way to get out of the house without being around other people!

Eating: Y’all, someone please tell me that I am not the only one who has been stress and boredom eating!!!

Teaching: So I am a nanny by day and my job is still in full swing. The parents jobs are considered essential which means they still need me. Now that schools are closed, I have also become the teacher. Homeschooling has been beyond challenging, but we are doing our best. I am so happy that I decided not to continue pursuing an education degree.

Movies/TV: I have been watching a lot of movies lately and I am loving it! My favorite ones have been Frozen 2 and Girls Night Out! I’m also slowly making my way through the show The Vampire Diaries. I am almost to season 3 and I have soooo many theories as to what could happen!

Reading: And of course, I have been reading like crazy. Back in March I kind of got in a tiny slump. I couldn’t focus on anything. Thankfully I got out of it really quick. I have been working though eARCs and rereading books on audio lately and it has been a blast!

What have you all been doing to pass the time?? Have you started doing any new hobbies? Let me know!

I hope you all are staying safe and healthy!

5 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Doing During Social Distancing

  1. I’ve found myself wanting to do puzzles but haven’t bought one! I really don’t have anywhere in my house to do them! Your illustrations are SO cute! I’ve been baking and just recently got Animal Crossing, and so now that’s all I think about and all I want to do! LOL.


    1. I’d love to do a huge puzzle, but I don’t have the space either. I’ve been doing the 100 piece ones! 😂 my sister got animal crossing recently and that’s all she has talked about


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