Did I Reach My 2019 Goals??

Tomorrow I am sharing my 2020 goals with you all, but before I do that, let’s take a look back at my goals from last year! Did I reach them?? I have a feeling I did not. 😂

Read 75 books:
I read 87 books! 📚

More readathons:
I participated in three readathons last year. That’s one more than the previous year so I am counting this as a win!

Read ALL the Shadowhunter Chronicles:
This was a major fail. I read the first Mortal Instruments trilogy and then stopped. I couldn’t get myself to read Clockwork Angel. Oops!

Read every Owlcrate book:
I was setting myself up for failure here. I think I only read four out of the thirteen they sent out.

Do more buddy reads:
I did one buddy read last year. I didn’t do any in 2018 soooo another win! I definitely want to continue this goal into 2020.

Reach 800 bookstagram followers:
I hit 1000! So incredibly thankful.

Get more sleep:
I wanted to stop staying up all night and get 8ish hours of sleep. That didn’t happen at ALL! Basically I am a night owl and there is now way that is changing any time soon.

Did you reach your 2019 goals??

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3 thoughts on “Did I Reach My 2019 Goals??

  1. Love your last year’s goal. I’m still thinking about mine for 2020. I only started reviewing\blogging in 2019, so I knew my only true goal was just to “start” and find a way to get organized. Everything else was just a blessing.


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