20 Bookish Facts

Not that long ago I shared 25 Facts About Me & now it’s time for some bookish facts!

1. I like to read in complete silence.

2. Twilight was my obsession when I was a teenager.

3. I love used books.

4. I own a lot of bookmarks, but I tend to use whatever is near me instead.

5. I didn’t read the Harry Potter books until 2017.

6. I love audiobooks & tend to fly through them.

7. I get the most reading done at night.

8. YA fantasy is my go to genre.

9. I really enjoy taking & editing bookstagram pictures.

10. Sprayed edges give me life!

11. Leigh Bardugo is my favorite author.

12. I hated required reading in high school. I either didn’t like the book or just didn’t read It.

13. I use a reading planner to stay organized.

14. So far the only authors I have met are Becky Albertalli & Adam Silvera. They are so nice!

15 . I hope to start a Booktube channel one of these days.

16. I rearrange my bookshelves ALL the time…like two or three times a week.

17. I have to finish the chapter before I take a reading break.

18. I have ideas for books, but there is no way I could ever write a book of my own.

19. I unhaul books very frequently.

20. Friends to lovers trope is my absolute favorite!

What are some bookish facts about you??

3 thoughts on “20 Bookish Facts

  1. If you love used books, you should hit up the Half Price Books outlet while you’re in BG! Sprayed Edges are the literal best. OMG BOOKTUBE CHANNEL. SADIE YESSSSSSSS!!!!! I rearrange my bookshelves probably 2-3 times a week as well! There’s something cathartic about it. I unhaul a lot too. Love this post. And again YES TO DOING BOOKTUBE.


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